Tuesday, June 06, 2006

We again spent the day clearing more bramble. Which is really just the branches of all the trees that were cut. So it's less brush-like and more young tree-like. We cleared a path to better transport the huge pile of pressure treated lumber (bleh) that was dropped off today to the building site. We'll use that wood to build our foundation. The driver of the lumber truck was sure to describe to us in detail the infestation of 'worms' that only happens every 20 yrs. 'Worms' bka gypsy moths. He said we had it pretty good. Le zikes. They build these big nasty nests. You might think I'm dwelling on these little bastards but I kid you not they drop from the trees. We're maybe a day away from starting which is great cause I'm getting bored and more broke as the days pass.

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