Thursday, June 15, 2006

Progress is so rapid with this thing, it's hard to post what all has been done. Also, I can barely keep my eyelids open at the end of the day much less post. SO... holes are dug, posts are cemented into holes, beams are built, two GLs are mounted even! GL, short for 'garnier limb', is a really fancy and really expensive wood anchor... meets lag bolt (see picture). Basically they will hold the outside beams from tree to tree and bear the weight of the entire deck and house. The poles are extra support for the beams, in treehouse language poles = cheating but with what this is costing I'd like it to last longer than one summer. One swift winter wind will have nothing on this thing.

p.s. I sanded and painted steel plates all day.
p.p.s. We did most of this in the rain!


TIBOR said...

holy cats! lookin good, lookin good, luers

Stacey said...

can we please see some photos of you up there. i really need to see your treehouse building outfits. i miss you!!!! xoxoxo

luluiswho said...

i miss you too LS, so much. xo