Sunday, October 08, 2006

p.s. Jude also has a corresponding treehouse quilt blog if none of you have have snooped through my comments:


Hi kids. Just fyi... I've been on the west coast for two weeks (family trip) and since I've been gone my apt was robbed. My lovely little computer and every shred of treehouse documentation is now dust in the wind. I am much preoccupied with robbery follow-up things so check back here in awhile for updates and such. I emailed these pictures, luckily, to myself so I could post them while I was away. They are pictures of a treehouse quilt(!!!) that Kursten's mom Jude selflessly hand stitched for the treehouse. My photos barely do it justice, I see something new every time I look at it. It's unbelievably beautiful. Jude, forgive me for saying so in such a public forum, but you are TRULY an artist. Make no mistake.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hurray for roofs!! Spent only four days upstate but it was was a great four days. It was supposed to rain but the weather gods blessed us with the most beautiful fall weekend. Sun and mist and a little rain but truly perfect. And I have a roof. I was also given the most amazing gift for my treehouse that I'm dedicating an entire post to (tomorrow) because words can't really describe it as it is the most magical thing anyone has ever put a hand to.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm all moved in kids! These photos are about as final as we're going to get for now. Mind the tarp as the little guy has no (tin) roof and it was all we could do to save from getting flooded.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

We're here! And I just might have to tease you a little with a final picture. Let's just say you won't believe your eyes. These pix are us having a campfire in my firepit the first night in. Last night we unfortunately had to crash at India's on account of the treehouse flooding in a torrential rain (hence my internet access). The roof isn't finished and the poor little guy just couldn't hack all the water. But waking up the last two mornings 30ft up in the trees has been indescribable I can barely begin to tell you. So with that, I'll be back.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

So you're probably wondering if I've fallen off the face of the blogosphere... I haven't. I'm just mired in some loose ends and workland. On my last day upstate I was attempting a photo frenzy of the wee house and my camera died. Ideally, I'll be up again next weekend though right now work is dictating my schedule. What's above is my first lame attempt at a final photo and me nuzzling Tiborz new kittens. Good times. Please check back as I'll be posting some amazing photos real soon.