Sunday, October 08, 2006

p.s. Jude also has a corresponding treehouse quilt blog if none of you have have snooped through my comments:


Hi kids. Just fyi... I've been on the west coast for two weeks (family trip) and since I've been gone my apt was robbed. My lovely little computer and every shred of treehouse documentation is now dust in the wind. I am much preoccupied with robbery follow-up things so check back here in awhile for updates and such. I emailed these pictures, luckily, to myself so I could post them while I was away. They are pictures of a treehouse quilt(!!!) that Kursten's mom Jude selflessly hand stitched for the treehouse. My photos barely do it justice, I see something new every time I look at it. It's unbelievably beautiful. Jude, forgive me for saying so in such a public forum, but you are TRULY an artist. Make no mistake.